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bukidnon highlands

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I am really Proud to say that i am a Native of Bukidnon.

although i was brought up by an ilocano family who dearly adopted me and fostered me as their own

i can probably say that my personality is so much influenced by the environment that i grew up in.

the simpler way of life  in a municipality bound by 29 barangays. with its rich respect for culture and heritage,

and above all respect for the Natives that live and thrive in our area.

growing up i was taught to respect the traditions and beliefs of other native tribes and always be cautious as not to

offend my classmates who are talakagnon natives. and growing up i learned to appreciate that value of respect,

that is why as the person that i am today i can say i value RESPECT above all. respect for everything in general.

that is why i am making this blog to pay homage to my influences as to what kind of individual i am today.

and that is being a proud Filipino, proud taga-BUKID (Bukidnon), and proud TALAKAGNON, although i am not a genuine native but i consider myself as a native at heart, being that i lived all my 25 years of existence in this municipality, learning all the ways of living , i am thankful that i grew up in this part of the world, free from all the harsh changes of the urban lifestyle… i can say that RURAL lifestyle suited me best.

although i have been to different parts of the country, experienced their culture as well, but there really is no place like HOME, and in this case BUKIDNON MY HOME,  the lush rain forests and taming rivers vast mountain ranges and variety of plant and animal life, i can say i am grateful to have experience this growing up, having been able to breathe fresh and clean air. eat nutritious and bountiful gifts of the highlands and live in a very moderate to cool environment where there is peace. i could not ask for anything better.

this month of august marks the centennial anniversary of bukidnon. and KAAMULAN FESTIVAL is just around the corner.

to all bukidnon dwellers i salute you all for making bukidnon prosperous yet still a bounty of nature



kita mga taga-BUKID(BUKIDNON)


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